Thanks for considering a Turner's Pond Minishoot. I do sessions over there all the time, on request and on specific dates.

Soon enough it'll be time for 2020's spring photos at Turner's Pond!

We did so many wonderful photoshoots recently at Turner's Pond. Here's one blog post I recently wrote about them... and then this blog highlights even more of them.

Want to do a session there soon? Send me an email and we can talk about timing. As of right now I offer sessions there on request. If you're considering a session there this spring, reach out and ask if I can do it for you on one of the dates I've listed for my in home sessions on this page. As spring moves along I'll start posting more specific available Turner's Pond minishoot times here, but for now, use my in-home session schedule page as a starting point.


Would you rather do photos at your home? My availability for in home sessions is posted here.

When you email me, please include:
1) Your name
2) Your cell number
3) Your child/children's names and ages (please note, all children included must be over one year old at time of the minishoot)


Curious about what kind of photos I take in a 20 minute Turner's Pond minishoot? I did a blog post highlighting my favorite photos from one family's minishoot here.


More about the Turner's Pond Minishoots

We get so many great photos there!

Here's an Instagram photo I recently posted with the pile of 4x6 prints one mama ordered after her Turner's Pond Minishoot. Look at all the fun we had in 20 minutes!


Wait, can you tell me more about the minishoots at Turner's Pond?

I live mere minutes away from the beautiful Turner's Pond in Milton, MA, and I've found over the years that it's a wonderful place to do minishoots. Also, since there's zero commute for me, I can offer minishoots there anytime, instead of scheduling them on specific days the way I do with my bi-annual Public Garden Minishoots. You can just email me to find a time.

Or, if you're interested in learning about all the different kinds of minishoots I offer, you can visit the main minishoots page of the site here.

Minishoots are 20-minute sessions (offered to families with children who are all over one year old), and the Turner's Pond ones are my most inexpensive sessions. They're priced at $175  (compared to $360 for in-home shoots, and $275 for Public Garden Minishoots), and that fee includes the shoot itself and access to the final images in a watermarked online gallery a few weeks after the session. As with all my shoots, every photo from the minishoot is presented in the online gallery in both b&w and color. Families receive access to the watermarked gallery with 25-40 final, fabulous-enough-to-be-framed images from one 20-minute minishoot. You can buy all the high-res files from a minishoot for $500 (compared to $750 for in-home sessions). You can also order just a few JPGs or prints or photobooks, whatever you'd like. All my print/product pricing is here.



Scheduling info for Turner's Pond Minishoots

This one's much easier to schedule than the Public Garden one! Since I offer them all year round (mostly just based on my own kids' childcare schedule), email me and we'll see we can do to book your session ASAP. Most commonly I do these on weekdays after school, or weekends during the early morning or later afternoon (after or before my in-home sessions on the weekend). I also schedule Turner's Pond Minishoot days, when I stay at the pond and do one family after another sometimes.


Why minis?

Babies get older! It just happens, I know. My first love is taking baby photos, black and white, in their homes, capturing moments with those sweet little ones and their families in the first year or two when they're smooshy and delicious. Pictures taken inside during this first year make the most sense for many reasons, but as children pass their first birthday and start to explore their world, it's fun to go outside for pictures. I've found once babies are walking and exploring, we can get tons of great photos outdoors in just fifteen or twenty minutes.


Show me more!

More Turner's Pond minishoot photos are here.


Or email me to reserve a time.