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About the “Who I Am” Project

First of all, there’s a great article written by a mama of one of the girls I photographed last summer, and it talks a lot about the whys behind the project. The author (Kendra) is far more articulate than I am, so check out this article for a bit of background.

The quick summary is that my Who I Am Project is a tween girl (and now teen girl - see adjusted age range below) empowerment project - created because my two daughters are tweens right now and I saw the need for something like this.

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In case you're curious, yup, these are my daughters (Annie and Sadie) on this page. I did their photos first, to test out the project. Gotta admit, I was thrilled when they let me do it.

My Who I Am Project sessions are an opportunity for your daughter to be herself, to be documented as herself, and then to realize -- when I come back and show her how incredible she is -- that not only is she fantastic, but that other people (not just her mom and dad) think she's pretty extraordinary too.

So how does it work?

Here’s a step by step outline for you.

Step 1: You find a time that works for your daughter’s schedule and we put it in the calendar. For this, when you’re ready, you’ll use the link at the top of the page that says “We’re in, what’s next?” to see the schedule and book a time.

Step 2: Then, after we're booked but before I come, you connect me with people in your daughter’s life who can tell me about her. These people will answer questions about her in my online questionnaires, and those questionnaires will help me learn a little about her before I arrive for our photoshoot.

Step 3: I come see your daughter and we spend 30-45 minutes hanging out together in her bedroom, taking pictures and getting to know each other. Then, before I leave, you and I find a time for me to come back and show you guys the pictures a few weeks later.

Step 4: Now, this is the cool part. At this point I combine the photos I took with quotes about your daughter from the questionnaires her friends and family have filled out, and I make a slideshow with photos and quotes all about her.

Step 5: I come back and show you guys the slideshow and hand your daughter a packet of all the printed questionnaires, for her to keep. I do also offer some stuff that you guys can buy at this session (books, wall art, etc.) but there's absolutely no need to buy anything. In fact, this second meeting is structured so that there’s no discussion of the products in front of your daughter - we send her off to read all the wonderful things people said about her in the questionnaires and we take the time to talk about options, so that you can decide (without her in the room) whether you’d like to purchase anything after you watch the slideshow. (Visit the "Afterwards, Then What?" page to check out all the collections I'll offer at this meeting.)

Are there any rules?
  1. For now, these sessions are only for tween and teen girls who identify as female. Someday I might open up to doing these sessions for kids who identify as male but not for now.
  2. Your daughter must be at least ten years old but not yet eighteen years old when we take the pictures. I began this as a project for tween girls, but I realize it can be valuable for older girls as well, so I’m expanding the upper age limit in 2019.
  3. We do the photoshoot in your daughter’s bedroom only. We don’t go outside, we don’t go anywhere else in the house. This project is all about documenting your daughter being herself in her own space.

What can we expect to spend on this?

The session fee for the Who I Am Project sessions for January and February 2019 is $175. You don't need to spend any more than this amount if you think of the photoshoot and the second (slideshow viewing) meeting as an experience for you and your daughter.

If you'd like to buy Who I Am products from me after the session, I have three collections of products I'll bring to the second meeting to show you. These collections are outlined on the site (see them by using the "Afterwards, then what?" link above), and they range from $299-$649.